How to Find the Perfect Land in New Braunfels to Build Your Dream Home

Are you exhausted from searching up and down the Texas Hill Country for the perfect property? Want to build your dream home from the ground up? Here is how to find the best land for sale in New Braunfels, along with some beautiful plots on the market now!

1. Sit Down with a Builder

How to Find the Perfect Land in New Braunfels to Build Your Dream HomeYour first step is to sit down with the builder of your choice!  Go through floor plans, customize a design, and add in any features and elements your family needs or is longing to have. Ensure to include porches, decks, or even pools you might be interested in. Next, you will want to get a price estimate. Make sure the builder includes all labor costs in this quote, along with the preparation they must do to the land before beginning the build. You might even need to shop around before you get a number you like, but don't be on the lookout for the absolute lowest price. You can end up with tons of repairs and maintenance more money and more hassle.

2. Determine Your Budget

Next, it is important to determine your budget, including the maximum amount your family can spend on your home, land included. Keep in mind: that some of this will be paid using a loan. Typically, you will need to purchase your land outright and take out a construction loan to finance the build. Next, you will get a traditional mortgage loan to pay off the remaining amount once it's built. Your best bet is to sit down with a lender of your choice to determine what financing solution will work best for your situation, as it can vary greatly. Be sure to come to the table with the total amount you can spend now, as well as how much you can afford to pay each month, after taking into account any debts or other expenses you will have.

3. Figure out What Your Land Should Look Like

Do you want panoramic views of the Hill Country? Are you longing for lake or river views with easy access? Sit down with your family and figure out what your priorities are land-wise. Take into consideration foliage, the size of the lot, water features, and your family's level of physical activity and interests. You might even want to consider any maintenance costs that might be associated with the land. Things like landscaping, gardening, and tree trimming don't come cheap, and these costs should play a role in what sort of land you purchase for your future home.

4. Consider Location

After you think about your land's features, think about the location of the land. You may know you want to live in New Braunfels, but where in New Braunfels? Along either of the two rivers? In the historic Gruene district? In a suburban neighborhood? You will also want to consider proximity to things that you will love. How close do you want to be to fun shops? How short do you want your morning commute to be? Write these all down and let them guide your land choice. You are going to live there for ideally a long time. You will want to be sure you are choosing the best location for your family's needs.

5. Find Someone who Knows the Area

Even if you currently live in New Braunfels, you probably don't have enough local know-how to find the best land, at the best price in the best location. You will want to contact an experienced local realtor to help you out with this step. They'll know the up-and-coming areas, where the best schools and local amenities are, and more!

6. Check Out Lots in Person

Even properties hand-picked by your realtor don't work out. The pictures are inaccurate, there are unwanted land features you can't cope with, or the surrounding area isn't all you hoped it would be. You never know until you visit a property in person. Always make it a point to visit any lot you are seriously considering purchasing. Bring the whole family out, walk it, explore it, or even bring out your building contractor and see if it fits well with your desired design. Do everything you can to make sure it is the perfect spot before moving forward with the sale. You don't want to get halfway through the build only to discover it won't fit the bill.

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